Casino Hold'em - Game rules

In addition to the image of the Dealer you will play this game against and before you sit at the table, you will see what the Dealer dealt himself in the last couple of rounds, and what did it deal to the players at the table, more precisely, as with all other Live dealer games, the statistics of previous hands.

The bottom line includes minimum or maximum values you can place on every hand.

We have offered the tables:

  • Minimum bet 5 KM – Maximum bet 50 KM per hand

  • Minimum bet 10 KM – Maximum bet 100 KM

  • Minimum bet 30 KM – Maximum bet 300 KM

  • By setting the bet per hand, you are joining the table.

As we have mentioned, this is a slightly different version of the well-known Texas Hold’em Poker.

The player plays exclusively against the Dealer, before each hand the player must place a chip value of his choice, without the cards, a “blind” stake. When this is done, the player receives two cards and this is the “flop”.

In the “flop”, depending on the cards in hand and the cards from the “flop” the player decides to call or fold. If it calls, the “turn” and the “river” cards are opened followed by the cards of the Dealer and whoever has the best combination takes all the chips. If the player folds, only the value of the “blind” stake is lost.


You placed a “blind” bet of 5 KM and you and the Dealer took two cards. You cannot see the cards of the Dealer and you received two queens. The flop is played with two more queens. If you wish to call based on the flop, it is mandatory and the stake is only the “triple”, no more, no less, which means 10 KM more. The Dealer has the obligation to call all the time. If, upon opening the Turn and the River at the end you have a better combination, you win 30 KM. During the hand, your strongest possible combination will appear on the left. In this example, it is a pair of tens.