Casino terms & conditions

Casino terms & conditions

Registering a Customer account at the Meridianbet Casino automatically confirms that the Customer understands and accepts the terms and conditions and all rules of the Meridianbet casino.

All registered Customers agree that they are fully aware of all possible outcomes which might arise from depositing and playing online games, and take full responsibility for their own actions.

The Customer will play only for private, personal and non-commercial purposes.

Customer must be 18 years old, or have reached the legal age of maturity in their jurisdiction, whichever is greater, to register an account.

All Customers may only have one active account. At all times, Customer must not share their registration and login details with any other customer/third parties. Customers must also not allow any other person to use their account.

Customers are allowed only one active account per household, computer, IP address.

In providing their email address upon registration, the Customer agrees to receive email correspondence at that address. If the Customer is no longer interested in receiving these emails, they may unsubscribe by contacting a Customer Support on email [email protected].

The casino software is made available to Customer, and the casino management cannot be held liable for any errors/issues which might occur.

The Meridianbet casino maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud of any kind, and has full rights to investigate any activity which can be deemed as fraudulent or abusive. Should evidence be found, or if any of your deposits are charged back, we reserve the right to confiscate any balance in your account. The Meridianbet may also initiate legal proceedings to collect any outstanding amount owed by you.

In the event of any disputes, all decisions made by the Casino will be final.

The Meridianbet casino reserves the right to limit and/or refuse wagers from any Customer without giving prior reasons.

In the event of any disputes, all decisions made by the Casino will be final.

The Meridianbet agrees to listen and consider any complaints voiced by a Customer and if the case if found to be warranted, and based on all other factors, the casino would consider returning any deposits made.




Before depositing and wagering, the Player is responsible for verifying the laws for online gambling where the Casino is being used.

By playing at the casino, the player warrants that they are familiar with the rules of such games and acknowledge that the rules of each game are available by using the help facility.

There is a standard 24-hour pending period for withdrawals.

We reserve the right to withhold payouts of winnings until all Security Verification Documents have been received and verified by our accounts department, and all other information has been confirmed.

Customers must provide the most recent instances of the following:

- Identity Documents

- Proof of Residence

- Confirmation of Banking Details

- Front and back copies of credit card – first and last four digits must be visible, CVV number can be hidden.

If it is determined by the casino that any information it was given by the Customer is false, we reserve the right to suspend a customer's account along with all relating cash-ins. The account will remain suspended until such time when the casino determines in its sole discretion that the customer’s information was authentic and accurate.

If the name on your casino account does not match the name on the credit card that was used to make a deposit, the casino reserves the right to close the account without prior notice. Any balance or pending cash payouts will be terminated.

All fraudulent or suspicious activity will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, banks or credit card companies.