How can I deposit money on my online account?

Instruction for depositing money online.

How to deposit by Credit/Debit card by VIVA WALLET?

Instructions for deposits by Credit/Debit cards by Viva Wallet.

How to deposit by VIVA APPLE PAY?

Instructions for deposit with APPLE PAY by Viva Wallet.

What is the minimum amount of money that you can deposit on your online account?

Information about minimum amount of deposit through different payment providers.

How to use PAYZ?

Instructions for deposits using PAYZ.

How to use NETBANX?

Instructions for deposits via card using NETBANX.

How to use SKRILL?

Instructions for registration and deposits via SKRILL.

How to use SKRILL 1-TAP?

Instructions for deposits via SKRILL 1-TAP.

How to use NETELLER?

Instructions for registration, verification and deposits via NETELLER.


Instructions for deposits via PAYSAFECARD.

How to use NEOSURF?

Instructions for deposits using NEOSURF vouchers.

Why was my transaction via card unsuccessful?

Possible reasons and procedures for unaccepted deposits via card.

Is there a difference between the purpose in which the deposit will be used?

Information about the purpose in which the deposit will be used.

What can I do if the money I deposited does not appear on my account?

Procedure for deposits that weren't processed to your account immediately.

Where can I find the list of all of my transactions?

List of all your deposits and withdrawals over the time.

Protection of the personal and confidential data

Information about the protection of the data.


Channels of communication for complaints.