About us

About us

Founded in Europe in 2001, Meridian is a well-established sports betting and gaming group, currently operating in 18 countries across Europe, Africa and Latin America. We operate through 993 betting shops and online and remain primarily focused on sports betting, whilst also providing various casino and other fixed odds games. Meridian operates almost exclusively in regulated markets, and the core countries where business is currently conducted being Serbia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tanzania, and Malta. We currently directly employ approximately 1,500 employees. Through the use of our proprietary technology, we have developed a scalable system that allows Meridian to operate in multiple countries and currencies, by leveraging the same technical and odds setting and risk management infrastructure. In addition, we have a flexible omni-channel approach to markets, including retail, desktop online and mobile. Meridian also offers its customers a number of owned or licenced gaming products such as casino games, slots and roulette, where approved to do so, to its retail and online customers. The majority of Meridian’s business is direct B2C but it also has an indirect B2B franchise model where we licence the use of our proprietary sports betting technology to local partners who operate under the Meridian brand. Meridian delivers its sports betting and casino products both directly to customers (‘B2C’) through physical shops as well as online and also indirectly on a B2B basis through franchise and joint venture arrangements.


Online operations

In addition to sports betting, Meridian’s online casino game offering includes approximately 600 third party games. Casino games are an area of high growth in all markets where Meridian operate and for Meridian overall. In parallel with the ‘research strategy’ set out above, Meridian is also adopting an online-only strategy for certain jurisdictions, including: Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Greece and Columbia.


International expansion

Meridian has a strong track record of expanding into new jurisdictions, be that directly or indirectly through its franchise model and will continue to look at opportunities in regulated countries, and in countries where de-regulation opportunities are arising. A Complete Land Based Solution The betting shop Point-of-Sale system Meridian POS is our state-of-the-art land based point-of-sale solution. It is designed to secure and streamline betting shops and take care of all your needs from accepting bets, settling shop administration to reporting and tax returns. This system also provides registration, player tracking, depositing cash, loyalty programs, dynamic on-screen system, control expenses, accounting functions and much more… Meridian POS system personalizes and tracks all players, analyzes recorded history and quickly accesses this information whenever a player returns to bet on the counter.


The Self-Service Terminal

Ultimate sports betting machine Imagine improving player interaction, the service in your betting shop, customer loyalty and even the amount of bets placed. The Meridian Self-Service Terminal can you give you exactly this and is an opportunity to improve the customer experience as well as bet in your betting shop.

Meridian Self Service Terminal is fully integrated and controlled by our Sportsbook platform


Apple Watch App

Meridian was one of the first betting operators to release a dedicated Apple Watch software. Users can keep up to date with live scores, receive notifications or bet on-the-go, keeping them close to the action, no matter where they are. Apple Watch app is directly connected to our iOS platform and allows users to manage their accounts and bets. The user interface is as simple as it gets and provides a great experience from your wrist. The most certified Sportsbook platform in the world, by all major laboratories in over 40 jurisdictions We at Meridian are proud to offer our Sportsbook, a platform consisting of a variety of betting solutions to fit all your company needs. For almost 20 years, Meridian has been a multi solution provider, software innovator and integrator in the betting industry. Meridian Sportsbook offers several unique turn-key system solutions that span all requirements from land based operations, online + land based operations or online only operations. Meridian has achieved technological milestones that have routinely set the standard for the betting industry. Meridian continues to protect the investment of our clients by offering unprecedented levels of migration paths from our legacy betting products of yesterday to our latest innovations of today.


Turbo Cash

Turbo Cash is an option that allows you to take a return on your bet prior to the market being closed. It is valid for any open bet and gives you the opportunity to pay-out a bet at a reduced amount, even if some matches are in progress. This new feature gives customers the added security when placing a bet, as it reduces their risk. Customers now have the ability to cash out at any point before the final resulting of the ticket.

Easy to operate

Cheap to introduce

Quick and easy sign up



Gambling = Entertainment + Awareness

For millions of citizens worldwide, gambling means an every-day leisure activity, pleasure, excitement and an opportunity for material gain. However, it includes a reasonable likelihood of financial loss. This fact can trigger various other risks, including those related to potential changes in player’s every-day behaviour. In that respect, Meridianbet is strongly devoted to keeping the focus to the affirmative and positive aspects of the game, while simultaneously monitoring the emergence of any sort of individual or collective negative social effect of gambling.

Meridianbet strives to create a responsible and fair gaming environment for every customer enjoying our offer at meridianbet.com. To most people, gaming is socially enjoyable and a harmless source of entertainment. Meridianbet wants to adhere to the world’s safest and most innovating gaming standards for adults, by making sure that every user can both play within their financial means and experience the best possible service. However, sometimes it just becomes too much and a small number of players just can’t say no to that extra spin on the slots or that extra bet.


Proactivity is the most responsible gambling policy

The essence of gambling industry is the coordination of vast range of public activities which to a big extent exceed a simple profit chase. Likewise, responsible gambling is much broader concept and means a lot more than just tackling problem gambling issues. According to more than 200 studies in the EU and the UK, no more than approx. 2.3% consumers of gambling services per country are prone to developing some form of harmful and problem gambling. Consequently, responsible gambling means defining policies and implementing practice that prevent negative aspects of gambling to even show up.


Gambling services are to be fair and credible

Advocating and implementing the socially responsible gambling policy is a top priority for Meridianbet. Our paramount objective is to deliver gambling services in a responsible manner. We are fully committed to fostering a safe, reliable and transparent context in which the gambling is taking place at the EU and UK level. We are adhering to highest industry standards regarding the safety of our customers. We are also intensively involved in creation of proactive proposals and initiatives related to responsible gambling, by organizing conferences, debates and informal dialogue with all the industry’s stakeholders. A well-functioning environment requires regulation that is capable of providing a high level of consumer protection and taking into account the reality of the Internet-driven economy and expectations of consumers.


Meridianbet responsible gambling principles

The Meridianbet responsible gambling policy is based on the following principles:

• Security of players and vulnerable groups

• Security of the game

• Protection against gaming addiction

• Protection of minors


Security of players and vulnerable groups

Meridianbet takes responsibility for the security of the customers participating in our games. Protection of players and vulnerable groups is based on strict monitoring policies in relation to the product line-up. Meridianbet puts particular emphasis on the protection of privacy (data protection), including responsible dealings with the data on payment processing. Fairness and the random nature of the products offered are monitored closely by independent authorities. These principles are particularly referred to upon advertising of new offers and promotions, as we promote only such services we are able to deliver.


Security of the game

Online monitoring at Meridianbet, as well as the experience of our employees, includes protection against fraud. Manipulation of bets and money laundering are crimes and not a game. Our Company is fully compliant with the EU Directives on the Prevention of the Use of the Financial System for the Purposes of Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing (AML Directives), as well as with the national legislative covering the same matter. In that respect, our Company, on a regular basis, conducts training courses of the employees in charge of money transaction check-ups.


Protection against gaming addiction

Betting should be considered as a fun way to spend time, not as a way to make money. Participation in bets and games of chance can lead to problems for a small group of customers.

In order to provide the customers with the best possible support, all the user data related to responsible gaming is dealt by a dedicated support team within the customer support department. Customer support department provides the customers with the recommendations for preserving the responsible approach in enjoying our offer. In any case it can be easily identified that the particular case of gambling interaction will lead to addiction, further access to the product line up is strictly prohibited to that customer, who is immediately obtained with the information on support and advice on how to find professional assistance.

Meridianbet has participated in the design of the project “It is possible to quit”. With more than 3,000 employees involved, this project took place in coordination with worldwide national health organizations in charge of problem gambling. The project’s main objective was organizing the preventive training programs for employees in our betting shops and Customers Support Department, bearing in mind they are in a regular, daily contact with the customers, both in shops and online.

This approach proved to be the most efficient in treating the negative issues of gambling as it both relies upon the expertise of medical staff and suggests all the employees contribute by behaving and reacting without any prejudice when faced with potential problem gamblers.

Having successfully acquired crucial knowledge and skills, the employees working in both the shops and online operations departments (customer support) are trained:

• to promote preventive and responsible gambling approach

• to ensure that all the information regarding responsible gambling are physically visible in all the betting premises (posters, leaflets, billboards et al.)

• to recognize the first symptoms of problem gambling behaviour (believing in gaming myths, excessive financial expenditure and time spent on gambling, negligence of other social and professional activities, emotional problems etc.)

• to be aware of psychological and social risk factors that can lead to problem gambling

• to be able to identify particularly vulnerable social groups that are especially prone to developing a problem gambling behaviour

• to differentiate symptoms of responsible from those of problem gambling behaviour

• to inform problem players about adverse health, social and economic consequences of problem gambling

• to assertively suggest and provide various forms of self-exclusion to players with the symptoms of problem gambling

• to provide 24/7 support & communication line with medical experts and managers of the betting premises

• to adhere to the code of privacy of the obtained information


Protection of minors

As a zero-tolerance principle, Meridianbet implements the policy of absolute exclusion of minors from getting in touch and involving in either retail or online offer. These principles are mandatory part of the training of our employees, within the framework of the project It is possible to quit. Written confirmation of the age (date of birth as stated in ID document) is therefore a mandatory procedure upon registration, as well as upon the first withdrawal of funds initiated by the customer.

Parents are advised to keep their access details safe at all times (user ID, password and your question and answer combination).

Departments in charge of creating bonus and marketing promotional offers also make sure such offers are not attractive to minors (absolute exclusion on any popular real or fictional characters linked with the minors).

Our customers are strongly advised to install software that enables them to block and filter web traffic in order to prevent minors from reaching betting and gambling web sites.

• CyberPatrol www.cyberpatrol.com

• SurfControl www.surfcontrol.com

• Net Nanny www.netnanny.com

In order to offer the best-possible protection of minors, we also rely on the support of parents and/or guardians.


Self – exclusion and player protection features

For all the customers, Meridianbet offers a variety of self-protection measures to make sure gambling experience remain responsible. The customers are in disposal of several self-limitation tools, which are valid until the entire period of time agreed.


Personal limit

All our customers have the opportunity to reduce their deposit limit to an amount below the standard limit. Any request to increase personal deposit limits can only be processed after the lapse of 24 hours at the earliest. However, a request to reduce limit will be implemented immediately.


Deposit Limit

• 24-hour Deposit Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the funds available for deposit within 24 hours

• Weekly Deposit Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the funds available for deposit within one week

• Monthly Deposit Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the funds available for deposit within one month


Bet Limit

• 24-hour Bet Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the funds available for wagering within 24 hours

• Weekly Bet Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the funds available for wagering within one week

• Monthly Bet Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the funds available for wagering within one month


Loss Limit

• 24-hour Loss Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the value of lost bets within 24 hours within 24 hours

• Weekly Loss Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the value of lost bets within 24 hours within one week

• Monthly Loss Limit – Customer decides what is the limit of the value of lost bets within 24 hours within one month


Loss and Bet limits are checked each time the customer logs in to the website. If the corresponding amounts are above the stated limit, such customers will not be able to place a bet until the time period corresponding to the stated limit has lapsed. However, the customer can withdraw funds and access the website at any moment, regardless of the limit currently in place.


Time-out feature

Meridianbet offers to all the customers the possibility of the Time-Out feature, be it for 24 hours, 7 days, or six weeks. During the Time-Out, customers are only permitted to withdraw any remaining funds from the account balance



Our customers can exclude themselves from further interaction with the gaming line-up or make a request by e-mail. Users can exclude themselves from the gaming line-up from one day up to 5 years or indefinitely.

Our Company particularly adheres to UK regulatory standards. In that respect, self-exclusion can be for a minumum period of 6 months with the possibility of extension of up to 5 years.

Self-exclusion can be extended as many times as deemed necessary by the customer.

The self-exclusion comes into effect only after the customer has received the confirmation e-mail from our Customer Support Department. During self-exclusion, the customer’s remaining account funds are at disposal for withdrawal at any time, customer is removed from our marketing database and strongly advised to consider self-exclusion from all other gambling operators they may have an account at.


Reality checks

Each user can set a time limit prior to gambling which, when reached, activates an alarm previously set up. This is an efficient tool for keeping insight on the time spent at our Website. Meridianbet strongly advise our players to keep their device clock enabled whilst gambling so you can easily refer to it. This is the way to remind the player, how long payer has been on line. Another way may be to utilize an online stopwatch or a timer to give an indicator when a certain time period has elapsed.


Information on Global Professional Assistance on Problem Gambling

In order to remain in disposal of the most adequate level of free and confidential advice possible, in case of problem behaviour symptoms, our customers are strongly recommended to address to the network of independent and competent bodies worldwide.

Any customer concerned about their gaming habits or deemed prone to developing problem gambling behaviour by our Customer Support Department is in 24/7/365 disposal of the extensive list of organizations offering professional and anonymous contact to discuss any compulsive or problem behaviour related to gambling.

Our customers are strongly to contact us directly in any time, in case they have any questions relating to our activities, at [email protected]


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