Slot Games

Slot Games

Slot games are virtual games that are function by a random generator.

If certain of the same symbols appear in a certain order (payline), then the player wins a certain payout that depends on a predetermined paytable as well as the stake per payline.

- In slots with a bonus game, the main point for the player is to receive a predetermined combination of symbols or to collect certain symbols, after which he receives Bonus games and wins special Bonus winnings.

- For slots with a certain number of paylines, it is stated how much is bet per payline and on which paylines the bet is placed. In this case, the bet is calculated as the bet per line multiplied by the number of selected lines.

- For slots with winning combinations, there are no paylines, but certain symbols only need to be arranged in each of the five pay columns. The bet is calculated as a bet per line multiplied by 30.

Slot games have the following basic modalities: classic single-line / multi-line slots and video slots, and the goal is to generate a random series of symbols by random action of the participants.

Slots with n-lines: it is stated what is the bet per payline and on which paylines the bet is placed. In this case, the bet is calculated as the bet on the line multiplied by the number of selected lines.

Multi-turn slots: after the first spin of the reels, the game selects the reels it wants to keep and spins the rest of the reels again.

Before the player starts the game, it is necessary and useful to get acquainted with the "buttons" that are related to all slot games on the site, and which, for the sake of easier and simpler navigation, are far less than on offline slot machines.

The first button on the left is View pays (marked with the letter "i").

It is used in order for the player to better cope with the ‘payment’ of lines in this game, to interpret the winnings, the appearance of the lines, as well as the values ​​of the symbols obtained during the game. View pays is an option that is something like a legend on offline slot machines, where such an explanation is located above or below the screen of the slot.

Autoplay is an option that starts the game and cashes all the winnings on its own, and we use it when we pre-set the desired stake, number of lines and ratio; it stops itself exclusively when receiving free spins.

0.5+, Lines and Coins are marks for adjusting the ratio of the number of lines in the game and the stakes during the game.

Max bet is an option that serves us to play one turn on the maximum role during the game by pressing this button.

Spin is also the Start button that starts the game itself. At the moment of starting the game, Stop appears, where the player can stop and speed up at any moment.

In case of winning a certain number of points, in the places where the Lines and Coins buttons are, the Double up and Collect button appear (for games where there is a Gamble option), which allow the player to double his winnings by guessing the card color (red-black) or quadruple by guessing the sign (diamond, heart, club, spade).