Basic casino options

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Casino Terms & Conditions

Registering a Customer account at the Meridianbet Casino automatically confirms that the Customer understands and accepts the terms and conditions and all rules of the Meridianbet casino.


One of the most popular feature among casino players!

Is it possible to try casino games without investing real money?

Try the casino games without investing any money!

What is a casino bonus and how does it work?

Promotions participation can bring you an amazing bonuses!

Free Spins

Login and enter the Casino. In the Slots category, find a Slot that you were received Free Spins.

How do i get free spins?

Check the promotions on our website on the Promo page, follow our social networks or contact our Customer Service. 

Where can i see the current promotions related to casino game?

All current Casino promotions can be seen on the Promo page of our website. 

Where can i see my activities in the casino?

All your activities in the Casino are visible within the My Account option, in the sub-option Casino Transactions on the left.

What Is Wagering?

Not related to winning/losing, but to the value of spins in the given game.

My connection was crashed in the middle of playing, what should I do?

Don't worry, our customer support team will provide you the fastest possible assistance.

My casino transaction was not accepted/paid correctly, what should I do?

Our customer support team is there to help you with any doubt you have about the transaction.

What Are ‘Coin Size‘ And ‘Coins‘ In Bet Setting?

‘Coin size’ is the value of the credit, and ‘coins’ represents the number of credits of ‘coin size’ value, placed on one winning streak.

What Is A Wild Symbol?

The symbol replacing all symbols in the game except for the Scatter symbol.

What Is A Scatter Symbol?

The symbol that generates Bonus Game in Slots when a certain number of these symbols appears (usually three).

What Is A Total Bet?

Number of winning streaks, multiplied with Coin size and Coins.

What Is The Difference Between The Casino And Live Dealer?

Live Dealer games function as per principle of live broadcast from the specially designed Casinos.

Are your casino games fair?

Of course!

Slot Games

The virtual games that are function by a random generator.

Roulette – Game Rules

Roulette is a game in which the dealer spins the ball that falls into the wheel pockets numbered from 0, which is green, to 36, which are alternately black and red.

Blackjack – Game rules

The game played with 52 cards in which a player competes with the dealer on who will reach the number of card points as close as possible to 21 or precisely 21, never over 21.

Casino Hold'em - Game rules

In addition to the image of the Dealer you will play this game against and before you sit at the table

Baccarat – Game Rules

The game with 52 cards with the goal of predicting whose hand will be closer to the value of 9.

Sic Bo – Game Rules

The game with 3 dice in which a player places a bet on numbers that will roll by throwing the dice underneath the glass ‘bell’ by the dealer.