Free spins: Collecting and usage

Free spins: Collecting and usage

There are two types of free spins that you can get as a Meridianbet casino player.

They differ according to what happens to the money you win by playing free spins.

The first group consists of free spins whose winnings are transferred to your cash account immediately after the spending all of them, without any conditions. After playing free spins, the money from the spins is immediately added to your cash, which is available for withdrawal or playing the complete offer of the site.

The second group of free spins are spins with a wagering requirement. This means that the money you win from free spins will not immediately transfer to your cash account, first you need to meet the condition - so-called rollover condition.

After you play free spins - the rotation condition appears on the screen, and consists in the requirement that the winnings from free spins be invested a certain number of times in the same game in which the free spins were played.

Example: if you played free spins and received a sum of 10 euros, and the rollover condition is 20, it means that you have to invest those 10 euros 20 times in the same game, before the money is transferred to your cash account. This means that you need to play spins with a total value of 200 euros, with any bet value you want.

If you lose your free spins winnings, the game is interrupted, you can no longer free up money and the system notifies you to that from now on, you will play with real money.

If, on the other hand, you are successful, the amount you have in your bonus balance at the time of fulfilling the conditions will be transferred to your cash balance. It can be more or less than the initial 10 euros, depending on how successful you were during the game.

In certain situations, Meridian may limit the maximum amount of money that can be released by playing free spins, so players may be notified that by playing free spins they can get an amount up to a certain amount but not over it.