Starlight Kiss Slot [2020. Edition]


This is a very unusual and significantly softer theme when it comes to slots.


Love flourishes from the first spin and all that is related to the infatuation between two people in love is presented as the symbol in this slot. It’s a gentle tale of two lovers whose passion remains ignited across 30 paylines and highly-rewarding bonus rounds that will quickly remind you that there is nothing like an old-fashioned love affair with your favorite slot game. To make your play as romantic as possible, you will encounter the Mansion, the Lovers, the Love Letter, and the Box of Chocolates on the reels. Reel icons include flowers, chocolates, handwritten love letters, a beautiful mansion and two lovers - everything tailored to a hopeless romantic. If you recognize yourself here - this is your game.


There are two types of Bonus Games.

casino Meridian


The first one, activated by Scatter symbols that wins the most points in the game, includes 14 free spins, where each winning is doubled.


The second one, and probably more interesting one, even though it wins less points is the Romance Bonus game.


The symbol of the bonus game can appear only in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pay line.

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Three bonus symbols activate the Romance Bonus during which the player can pick 3 out of 10 romantic objects on the picture, that will, with any luck, win the most points.

casino Meridian


What is especially interesting and what can additionally multiply each winning are the hearts that appear while selecting marked objects that sometimes appear in greater and sometimes in smaller quantity.


The more the hearts, the winnings from the Romance Bonus will be multiplied that many times. 


Indulge yourself in a soft spin romance - start spinning now!