Live Dealer


Long expected and announced Meridianbet Live Dealer! Select your Croupier, also known as the Casino Dealer. All visitors on our site shall be able to try their luck and enjoy the ambiance of the real Casino that is magnificently presented in this manner, through simple application and depositing.

There are four games in the Casino that are present in almost all Casinos of the world, and these are Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em.

It is not necessary to go into details regarding the rules of the games. We will focus shortly on one of them, a completely new game on this territory, Casino Hold’em Poker.

We will explain, briefly, how to use the most important options of the Live dealer, perhaps how and to what degree to use statistics if you wish or provide certain recommendations.

First of all, do not let all data present confuse you before you sit down, or the data at the table.

Meridianbet Casino merely wanted to satisfy all statistics fans (long history of roulette spins, a large number of won-lost hands in card games, and the facts that diminish the appearance of the Dealer a crucial factor in selecting it, but some other details as well such as its date of birth or even the sign of the zodiac.

Also, in addition to dealer selection there are Single and Multiplayer options for all games.