Complaints and Disputes

At Meridianbet, we make sure that all our players are fully satisfied with our products and service. Nevertheless, we are aware there may be occasions in which we have not been able to meet the expectations of our users.

To that end, if you wish to express dissatisfaction about our product, customer interaction or transaction, you are kindly asked to approach our Customer Support Department at [email protected] and raise a complaint.

Upon receipt, we will inform you on the results of feedback within ten days from the day of receipt of your complaint. Should the issue require additional time necessary to be decided upon, Meridianbet reserves the right to extend the deadline by additional ten days and inform you on that extension.

If you deem the complaint had not been resolved in a satisfactory manner, you may raise dispute by addressing the issue to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body.

For third-party settling of disputes, you may approach European Alternative Dispute Resolution (EADR) as ADR body and adjudication service. The EADR ruling does not affect your rights to continue pursuing the case through other means.

Detailed information on how to use EADR is available at and by form

You may also use the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform to refer your complaint online. Detailed guidance is available at