My connection was crashed in the middle of playing, what should I do?

If it happens that your game is interrupted, whether the cause is a certain problem in the game itself or a problem in the internet connection, you can wait a few minutes and try to access it again.

Upon re-joining, the game will continue where it left off during the interruption, and if the problem with joining persists, you can contact our customer service and give them as much information as possible about the situation (name of the game, time of the dispute, did you get any message, screenshot, etc.…) so that help can be provided to you as soon as possible.

The company does not accept responsibility for technical errors caused by devices with which the user accesses our site or due to problems related to the user's Internet provider.
If there are unexpected problems with the software or hardware we use to manage the site, all steps will be taken to resolve the issue as soon as possible.