My casino transaction was not accepted/paid correctly, what should I do?

It is the user's responsibility to monitor whether all transaction details are correct.
In the option "My account" - "Transactions" you can find a transaction that you think is not regularly accepted or paid, and than, with as much information about the disputed situation, contact our customer service to check it in detail.

Our advice is not to continue with the same game until it is determined exactly what happened.

In case there is a difference between the results in the game on the user's account and on our server, as well as on the server of the game provider itself, the valid and indisputable result is the one from our server, ie from the server of the game provider itself.

Also, as a valid and indisputable balance of your account is taken into account the status that is current on our server, even if there is a difference between that status and the status displayed on the user's screen.